Inside my heart <3 , Before saying YES!

Inside my heart <3 , Before saying YES!

Arranged marriages are not new to our society. Every girl goes through different emotions before arrange marriage. She wants to rethink about her decision multiple times. I just underwent an arrange marriage and the experience altogether was amazing. It was a mixed of feelings. I would like to share few honest things that came into my mind before saying a final “YES” and every girl feels.

  1. Is he “The One” ?
  2. I know fairy tales don’t exist in real world but will he pamper me at times?
  3. Will I be able to trust him?
  4. Should I rethink? ( Well, I did multiple times as I was changing my location. I have been born and brought up in my hometown and this was the first time that I was moving)
  5. Will there be some filmy moments? (I am filmy at times :P)
  6. Will he be romantic?
  7. Will he understand me?
  8. Will he trust me?
  9. We will be good friends forever and understand each -other. It is easy to say than to do, will this happen?
  10. Will he respect my family?
  11. Will he be always good to me?
  12. Will he help me?
  13. Will he support me?
  14. Will he take care of me, during my ill-times?
  15. We just met few months back, and we will be together for lifetime. Will he hold my hand for lifetime?
  16. New family, new people. Will they love me the same way as my family does?
  17. Compromises, adjustments are needed in every marriage. I will, but will he?
  18. Will he help me in household stuff? (I am very weak in all household stuff, and I started practicing a month before my marriage)
  19. I am crazy at times. Will he handle my craziness with love & care?
  20. Will he hold me whenever I have tears in my eyes? And make me smile?


We talked to each other almost every day before marriage and he made feel content and erased all ifs and buts. My family and my man made me feel confident about me final “YES”. I have been honest to my family, to my man and friends as to what I was feeling. Some shared their experiences and made me feel relaxed, some made me laugh 😀

And I said “YES” 🙂


Hen Party :D

Hen Party :D

“HEN Party !!”, yayyyyyyy!!!!!! It’s natural to celebrate such a special occasion with an epic girly adventure, right! Girls adventures are all crazy and my girls made my day all perfect ❤


I had an amazing hen party, organised by my girls. As a lover of relaxing resorts, we headed to a resort for a day in Manesar, Gurugram with my closest pals and spend a day there.

We started our day with swimming pool fun. Swimming pools are all time relaxing and fun. We danced, played several games in the pool which made us laugh hard. The pool was all private which made us more comfortable to do all crazy things! My girls did pole dance as well 😛


As we don’t get much time to spend together in this busy world, I wanted to spend special relaxing time with all of them. We headed for lunch and clicked many selfies at different sites of the resort 😛 😛 Ofcourse, selfies are mandatory 😀

We all were not a huge drinker and although you could expect one or two nights to be a little crazy and have special time with these bunch of my favorite people. The evening was all full of fun, starting from the surprise where my girls had decorated the entire room and a lovely cake with a caption “Komal Chali Sasural” which means that “Komal will soon go to her new house”. We danced, drank and had superb fun !! 😀





We later went to disc, and danced till our legs started paining and we were completely out, But this was not the end of the day, we sat for hours in a swing after dinner under the trees and listened to all beautiful tracks, some old and some new. We kept on seeing the full moon in the night and enjoyed the tracks.


My squad was all on there tows !! 😀 The day went all good and we all created lifetime memories for me and ourselves 🙂


All BFF’s should definitely pamper their girlfriends by arranging such beautiful moments and make them feel special! 🙂 I feel special and would never forget my HEN PARTY 😀




































My squad was completely in tow ! 😀 From the beginning of the journey till the end of this beautiful day, I was totally amazed and felt no less than an actress of a movie!

I felt straight out of a fairy tale in my bachelorette.


Victoria’s Secret Romantic Hand and Body Cream

Victoria’s Secret Romantic Hand and Body Cream


I’ve been very much obsessed with different hand and body creams. They have always been a source of attraction for me ! 😀 So, this was gifted to me by a close person.

Victoria Secret has been known for its fragrances, lotions and body creams. I have used their fragrances before and this time I am using their hand and body cream.


I loved the pink packaging. It comes in the pink glossy tube with a black cap on the top. It offers 24 hours of rich hydration, nourishing skin with a light mix of pink petals and solar musk. Part of the Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Fragrance Studio, this floral fragrance has a solar and beautiful style.


I absolutely loved this product. Especially the smell of it. It has a sweet scent. It hydrates my body and leaves a perfect smell for a long. It is good to use it in winters for people as it leaves your skin with super creamy and moisturized one. It does not gives any oily layer and gets absorbed in the skin. It certainly gives 24 hours moisture 🙂 Then, it stays for a whole day which I love. It has a floral musky scent which is perfect for every season and all age groups.


The quality of this product is really good it’s super duper moisturizing leaves your skin really smooth and nourished afterwords.

I am really happy with the product and it’s authentic.  🙂

Feel free to express yourself !

Feel free to express yourself !

How important are your heart beats? It is very important! Right? In order to live, your heart needs to pump every second of your life.

Similarly emotions are an integral part of life and every living person experiences emotions to certain degrees. When we open our mouth, we open our heart to express our emotions and feelings to sooth our soul. It is very important for an individual to convey in words whatever he/she feels inside.

Expressing emotions helps people to understand us better. We interact with our closed ones, friends, colleagues on day to day basis and it is important to let them know how we are feeling. Sometimes facial expressions are enough to express, but at times we need to open our heart and let our emotions flow. If we keep things inside us, and do not express out we would end up in a mess and things would become worse. As no expression of emotions lead to communication gaps and create distances between people.

These days even apps like Whatsapp, Facebook have got emoticons to express your emotions and let the other person know what you are feeling. I am very much obsessed with using emoticons and love to use them wherever possible. Emoji’s in chats helps us to know a person’s emotion during text chat as during those chats we are neither able to see facial nor verbal emotions.

Victoria Klein has also said – “Emotions make us human. Denying them makes us beasts.”

Why to keep your heart close? Why to keep your emotions inside? Let them flow out. Let people know what you are feeling. Let things flow the way they are supposed to. Don’t be scared to express. Express with open heart and let things happen. Never ever feel bad or regret on expressing what you feel, it is actually a sign that you have big heart ❤ Showing and expressing of your emotions is a sign of strength.




Be the sunshine of your life!

Be the sunshine of your life!

People say your peer group, your connections, your closed ones, background and luck makes you a successful person by guiding you and being there with you in all your ups and downs. I completely agree with all this but their are many factors that affect the individual growth path. Somethings needs to be worked out on individual basis which can’t be achieved by depending on others. We all need to embrace few essential things within us to become our own sunshine…

Believe in yourself

Carry the confidence

Build better relationships

Become your own source of motivation

Try new things

Have positive attitude

Be constructive about failures – Failure is just a part of process and is temporary

Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

Inspire yourself

Don’t ever let fear stop you

Set your priorities



Happy Heart ❤ Happy Smile 🙂 Happy Life !! Be the sunshine of your life 🙂

Walk & Talk!

Walk & Talk!

After a busy hectic day, I love to go out for a walk sometimes alone and most of the times with a companion. Walking after a long working day is my all time favorite.

For most of us, our job is more at sitting at desk and less of any physical activity we should try to do some physical activity to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Walks are like tonics after the busy day spend. It helps us to take out the tiredness from our body, and make us feel good.

Walking is much easier on your body than running and other sports, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good exercise. Walking can be tailored to most fitness levels and health needs. A walking for fitness program can start slowly and increase as you build stamina and strength, without any equipment, and it is free. If you walk at a good pace, it is a very good cardio exercise.


I go for a walk daily with my mom, I love that time with her. It is that time of the day when I tell her about my day and know about her day. We both giggle, discuss, do chit-chat and I make sure that the pace of walk is maintained. My mom has got high cholesterol and BP, but by continuous walk for over 3-4 months we were happy to see good results in the reports.

There are many benefits of walking. It makes you feel fresh and active. It helps you to lower down your blood pressure and reduced risk of heart attack. It further increases your sense of well-being. Some additional perks that I have observed are improved flexibility and less headaches.

A small walk in a day will make you feel more energetic and fresh!






The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

This stuff is AMAZING!

I ordered this online a few months back and found this stuff amazing. It’s a good face cleaner, leaving the face super clean and soft. It worked great me. I have super sensitive skin and I am scared to use anything new on my skin but this product worked superb for me.


It is packed in a tin packing like a shoe polish, the packing is robust. No worry of carrying it.


It’s like butter that melts when applied over face. It smells really nice. It gives a nice smooth blend. It takes off all traces over skin, leaving smooth, clean and soft skin behind. It is overall very soothing.


This cleanser worked perfect for me by removing sunscreen + make-up, and is 100% effective. The camomile is especially effective and calming for my over sensitive skin. I often use it when my skin is inflamed and sensitive due to a reaction to a product or some sort of slight allergy due to environmental pollution. I use it in the evenings before going to bed.


Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Synthetic Wax, PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil/Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil,  Butyrospermum Parkii Butter/Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Caprylyl Glycol, Tocopherol, Parfum/Fragrance, Aqua/Water, Linalool, Limonene, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil/Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil,  Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract (Camomile), Citric Acid.


It costed me INR 2250 at an online e-commerce site.


I strongly recommend it to give it a try. I would definitely  go for a second one, after finishing this one.