Be thankful for what you have…

Be thankful for what you have…

Be thankful for what you have! There are so many people who don’t even have what you have. It is always easier to focus on what we don’t have,rather than what we have.

Be thankful for your body!

Have you ever seen people who are handicapped or have faced some accidents? At least you have got all your body parts functioning and working.  But there are many who face problems on day to day basis.

You have got powerful legs enough to walk/run which help you reaching places. You have got arms to carry things you wish to. You have got a beautiful heart and lungs to keep you breathing. You have got 5 senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) which work together to let your brain know what is going on around you.

Be thankful for the amazing friends!

True Friends are always there standing by your side during both hard and happy times. They guide you, make you smile when you feel low, motivate you. They are your crime-partners, tolerate your craziness, supporter you and always encourage you.

Be blessed to have such good bunch of friends in your life.

Be thankful for the fab family!

The great thing about family, is that they have seen you at your lowest and worst points in life, in most awkward and awful years, but still their love is unconditional. They have always supported you and have been your cheerleaders in life. Even if you fight with them, you still want them in your life.

There are many who are orphans, many who have lost their parents, their family, due to accidents,  happenings, medical ailments. Be thankful to what you have!

Be thankful for having a partner!

Having a partner in life doesn’t means that life will be a cake-walk and things gonna be smooth. It’s not that there won’t be any problem, but he/she will be there standing besides you, holding your hand in all your problems. He/she will be there to motivate you as a teacher/friend who will teach so many things in life. Be there, no matter what!

I feel blessed to have all these things as a part of my life journey. You should also feel blessed and be thankful for what you have.

Thank you

Every breath you take is a gift. Always be thankful!


Monday Blues!

Monday Blues!

Yeah, it’s Monday today and I am having Monday Blues… Do you?

Monday blues is actually a very sad feeling that you’ve got an entire work week ahead of you. Monday’s are generally hectic for most of us with so many meetings, updates and the very though of upcoming week makes us feel more sad 😦 As soon as the Sunday ends, the anxiety of Monday kicks in for most of us.

What do you do to come out of your Monday blues?

My 5 ways to get rid of Monday Blues –

  1. New dress, new week – I start my week with new dress most of the times. If not new dress, then its new footwear. Look confident and start your week by looking smart! 😀
  2. Treat yourself 🙂 – make your Monday a sweet Monday with a chocolate. Kick start  your week by treating yourself. A chocolate works for me, hope it works for you as well.
  3. Take small breaks – I don’t indulge myself in work for entire day, I keep on taking small breaks. You shouldn’t also glue yourself at your desk. Keep taking small breaks! But, remember small means small 😛
  4. Hit the hay early on Sunday – Go to bed a little early on Sunday night and be sure to get enough sleep so that you don’t yawn on Monday 😛 Good sleep will make you feel good and fresh.
  5. Smile more 🙂 🙂 – Yes, it does work! I smile more on Mondays 😛 It injects positivism inside you. Brighten your week with your smile.


“Be the light and energy to make all days in upcoming week a better day.”


Manage your time, and get the best out of it!

Manage your time, and get the best out of it!

Time management is the key to success in professional and personal front. One should have these skills to accomplish one’s goals. Time management requires self control, self discipline and self-mastery more than anything else. One should never say, “May be Next Time!” it should always be at this moment, try to achieve what you have planned else it will be too late.

The entire concept of time management depends on how you plan your things. In today’s world, everyone is too busy that they forget spending time with one selves and their loved ones. You should never get too busy in making a living that you forget to make a life.

In this noisy, rat- race world, we all are running in performing, achieving targets, earning more and more money! But, do we actually realize that by going behind all these things, we neglect spending time for things that gives us satisfaction and mere happiness.  We should understand the importance of the moment and try to make the best out of it. One shouldn’t wait for remarkable occasion, instead one should seize common moments and make the best out of it.

I too have a busy hectic day and I plan my entire day to achieve the best out of it. I prioritize my focus areas everyday and and then plan my day. At work, there are “n” number of fire-fighting but then you need to work on it as well with a proper plan and withing fixed time span by managing your time. My key focus areas for everyday are – Fitness, Skin Care, Spending time with loved ones, and work at workplace only  😛 Yeah, that’s true that I try and maintain to keep a time line between my work time and personal time. A perfect balance between professional and personal life is very important for a happy life. Being workaholic is good, but that too has a limit and shouldn’t effect your health/mental balance.

The snapshot of this post is to schedule your priorities to make the best memories out of it. Manage your time to be productive and not to become a robot! Use your time to make the best out of it, so that you don’t regret later in life.


“ONE day has 24 hours, spend at least ONE by doing what you love and what gives you happiness!” 

Yellow Thursday!!

Yellow Thursday!!

Though I don’t believe on all these superstitious things, but today it turned out to be a “Yellow Thursday” for me. As per Hindu culture, this day is the day of Lord Vishnu who is known to wear Yellow and most of the people wear yellow.

Further, Jupiter is the ruler of Gods and planets and is popularly known as Guru Brihaspati. He is the Lord of Light and is related to enlightenment. It is believed that Jupiter spreads light and positive vibes all around. It is connected with growth, prosperity and fortune and thus is associated with Yellow color.

I have never been a person who believes on all these things, but instead I believe everyday is a blessing for you and it’s up to you how you make up your day! Many Indians follow proper colors for each day as per Hindu mythology. It is your approach that makes your day and not the color of your dress. One should have faith in oneself, and not on all these superstitious things.

Even in today’s era, 13% of the world population still believes on all these superstitions which constitutes of maximum Indians. We are a developing in country and we should enforce on being optimistic and self-trust rather than on all these superstitious things. Mostly Indians take Indian religion not as a worship, but have made it of fear and superstition.

Our new generation shouldn’t be embraced with all these things, they should instead be motivated towards positive norms in life.


My simple “Yellow OOTD” consists of :

  1. Yellow dress – WestSide
  2. Footwear – Woodland
  3. iWatch – Apple
  4. Rose Gold chain with a small rose gold pendant

Wear your choice of color for the day !

My Skin, I care! Do you?

My Skin, I care! Do you?

I know, we all are busy in our day to day activities but in middle of all these we should not forget to take care of our skin. Our body is made up of approximately 60% water. Our body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain proper functioning. Lack of water in the body can cause constipation, asthma, allergy, hypertension, migraine and many other health issues.

Our skin is made up of several cells and is exposed maximum to the outside world. And it is our duty to take care of our skin before it starts complaining you 😛

In a busy corporate world, I have adopted few quick and easy tips to make my skin healthy and fit. I have been very regular and have seen the differences in my skin. Don’t forget, “Beautiful skin needs commitment, not miracle”. You need to commit to your skin!

Below are few quick tips to make your skin cells activated and pores clean:

  1. Drink water  – Don’t forget to drink water at regular intervals. This is one easy way which requires least efforts. You can keep a bottle at your desk and set up alarms/reminders at regular intervals that will remind you to drink water. You should keep target to drink minimum 2L of water everyday. You might not be able to achieve your targets at the starting but then gradually your body will get adapted, and then your throat gonna ask itself for water. 😛 You can also compete with your colleagues for the intake of amount of water ! This will impact them also, and eventually many people will fall into the cycle. Competitions at times are healthy and drive you towards good 🙂Water.JPG
  2. Clean your face daily after work – By cleaning I don’t mean just washing your face with water and some face wash. Washing your face only with face wash will make your skin dry. You should instead make a habit to clean your face with gulab jal/toner to clean the skin pores. This will not take much of your time. It takes just 2-3 mins for me to clean my face with toner every evening. And, yeah we can for sure give our skin 2-3 mins of a day which is just 0.2% time of your entire day!
  3. Lastly, never step outside without applying a moisturizer/cream on your face. You can apply any moisturizer as per your skin type. It provides an effective protection shield to your skin.

Hope these quick and easy tips, gonna help you to make your skin fit and healthy  🙂 Invest some time for your skin, and its gonna represent you for a very long time.

         Make an effort and see the results yourself!